About Us


It all started way back in 1986. . . back then we were known as Danny Boy Pizza. We were younger then, with young children, and we had a dream to create a family-owned business that would appeal to the community and provide a great place for families and young people to congregate and enjoy a great meal together.


Our Mural
Our building was a plain black structure back then, and we immediately knew we would enhance its appearance as time went by. Darrell initially thought of painting big pizza slices on the side of the building, but in 1991, along came Amherst artist David Pavlak with the idea of an old-style town mural for the east side of the building. Using ordinary latex paint, Dave created this spectacular image that has graced the side of our building. You really have to see it in person to appreciate its realism. All the store fronts you see are painted on the side of a plain brick building (there are a couple of ‘real’ doors in there.)

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Morning Journal newspaper photo of artist, David Pavlak, in front of the mural in progress.

Morning Journal newspaper photo of artist, David Pavlak, in front of the mural in progress. (above)


OldTownePizza  mural_progress2


Our Growth

We were awarded the first ever Amherst Community Enhancement Award by Amherst City Council in 1991 ‘for their efforts to help beautify the community.’

A name change came next, and we became Olde Town Pizza House. Our menu had grown beyond pizza and we had a regular, growing family of customers. We incorporated our boys’ names into our menu by offering ‘Cody’s Monster Meal’ and ‘Anthony’s Choice.’ At that time, Anthony was 4 and Cody was 3 years old. That year our ribs finished 3rd in the Morning Journal’s Best Choice Awards. We began to see our dreams taking shape.

Over the next few years, our boys Maxwell and Dillon were born, we continued to build the business, improve the building, and enhance our menu. We added awnings and new windows with the help of matching grant funds secured by Main Street Amherst for renovations in the downtown area. We added a separate carryout area on the east side of the restaurant for customer convenience. We redecorated inside to achieve an Old World decor and provide a warm, relaxing space for our dining customers.


Our Involvement in the Community

Involvement continues to be an important aspect of how we give back to our community. We’ve been involved in the summer baseball program, coaching and sponsoring teams, for many years. We are also involved in church and civic groups, and also help with school-related functions as often as we can.

Darrell helps the Steele High School hockey team with a spaghetti dinner to help the team raise funds.

Darrell helps the Steele High School hockey team with a spaghetti dinner to help the team raise funds.

Our Bicentennial Logo

In 2003, we all celebrated Ohio’s Bicentennial. Official barn painters were commissioned by the State of Ohio to paint the official bicentennial logo on the side of one barn in each county of Ohio. We were able to get special permission from the State to have the bicentennial logo painted on the west side of our building, which faces the parking lot of an adjacent business. We wanted to beautify that side of the building and had not decided what to do. This was the perfect solution. Official barn painter, Scott Hagan, arrived and before we know it, the job was done. We were one of only three non-barn locations in Ohio to display the painted logo. It has been a fabulous addition to our facade.


Our Dreams Continue
Fast forward over 25 years and here we are today – 2011. Still working and growing, and so fortunate to have seen our dreams to fruition. While we are proud of our menu offerings and the quality of our food, we are most proud of becoming an integral part of our community and that our staff has become a part of the Olde Town Pizza House family. We are most grateful that the community continues to embrace our endeavors, and that we have be able to give back to our community in so many ways.

We sincerely hope that you will become part of the Olde Town Pizza House family, too. Come in any time for lunch or dinner, and we promise to welcome you to the family!